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Recent Publications & Presentations

in press (and Arndt Riester). The role of information structure for morphosyntactic choices in Tagalog. In Riesberg, Sonja & Shiohara, Asako. Information Structure in Austronesian Languages.Berlin: Language Science Press. 1-45.

2016. Case Marking Restrictions and the Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics Interface. In Jens Fleischhauer, Anja Latrouite, and Rainer Osswald (eds.), Further Investigations of the Syntax-Semantics-Pragmatics-Interface. Düsseldorf: dup. (preprint manuscript).

2015b (and R.D. Van Valin, Jr.). A Role and Reference Grammar account of aspects of the information structure - syntax interface in Tagalog. Paper read at the Role and Reference Grammar Conference 2015. Düsseldorf, July, 31 - August, 1.

2015a. Lexical decomposition beyond thematic roles and aspectual classes. Paper read at the 13th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics. Academica Sinica. Taiwan, July 18-23.

2014e. Morphological cues for the necessity of richer lexical decompositions. Talk given at the International Symposium on Verbs, Clauses and Constructions, Logroño,  October 26-28.

2014d. Information Structure and Grammaticalization in Tagalog. In Asako Shiohara, and Atsuko Utsumi (eds.), The Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Information Structure in Austronesian Languages, pp. 159-170.

2014c. Elaborate voice systems as a window into lexical frames. Talk given at the CTF'14, Düsseldorf, August 25-27.

2014b. Event-structural prominence and forces in verb meaning shifts. In Bridget Copley, and Fabienne Martin (eds), Causation in Grammatical Structure,  Oxford University Press, 372-394.(preprint manuscript)

2014a. (and R.D. Van Valin, Jr.). Referentiality and Telicity in Tagalog and Lakhota. In Doris Gerland, Christian Horn, Anja Latrouite und Albert Ortmann (eds), Meaning and Grammar of Nouns and Verbs. Studies in Language and Cognition 1. dup, 410-426.

2014. (and R.D. Van Valin, Jr). Event existentials in Tagalog: A Role and Reference Grammar account. In Arka, I  Wayan and N.L.K. Indrawati (eds), Argument realisations and related constructions in Austronesian languages: Papers from 12-ICAL, Vol 2. Online Publication. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Linguistics, 161-174.

2013. 'Referential Properties, Event Structure and the Syntax-Semantics Interface.' Paper read at the 6th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics conference. London, SOAS, 25th May 2013. 

2012b. The Evolution of Morphology and the Diversity of Grammatical Systems. In:   Thomas C. Scott-Philips, Mónica Tamariz, Erica A. Cartmill & James R. Hurford (ads), The Evolution of Language. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference  (EVOLANG 9), 13-16 March 2012, Kyoto.

2012a. Differential Object Marking in Tagalog.  In: Lauren Eby Clemens, Greg Scontras, and Maria Polinski (eds), Proceedings of the 18t Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association, Harvard University, Cambridge, 94-109.

2011. Voice and Case in Tagalog: the coding of prominence and orientation. PhD Thesis. HHU Düsseldorf.

2010.(with Rainer Osswald and Jens Fleischhauer) Decomposition Beyond Event Templates.  Paper read at the Colloque international "Representations de l'evenement", Paris, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, October 28-30. 

Older Papers

2002. Reconsidering multi-functionality: The Tagalog stative affix ma-. Paper read at the SFB-Colloquium Zur Syntax und Semantik austronesischer Sprachen, 6.12.2002, Düsseldorf.  (handout pdf)

2001. Linking in Tagalog: Argument encoding determined by the semantic properties of arguments. In Geert Booij & Jaap van Maarle (eds.), Yearbook of Morphology 2000. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 123-154. (pdf)

2000b. Argument Marking in Tagalog, In The Proceedings of AFLA  VII, Amsterdam. (pdf)

2000a.  (with R. Naumann). The interpretation of the voice affix /i-/. In The Proceedings of AFLA VII, Amsterdam,  221-234. (pdf)

1999b.  (with R. Naumann). Unaccusative-causative alternations & the dynamic structure of verbs.  In G.-J. M. Kruiff & R. T. Oehrle (eds.), Proceedings of Formal Grammar 1999. Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, pp. 115-130. (pdf)

1999a. On the interpretation of Tagalog voice affixes. In C. Smallwood & C. Kitto (eds.), Proceedings of the 6th Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 6) , Toronto, 221-234. (pdf)

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